Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Using Conjunctions

   Hello, this is the time of my semester break, so i can post my article again here. Now i'd like to post about my English Lesson. It's how to Using Conjunctions. There are many conjunctions in English, but i just want to explain 4 kinds of conjucntions.

  1. Although (Event though)
Formula : Although / Even though + S + V
Ex : Although i come from a wealthy family, i believe in sacing for a rainy day.

     2. In spite of / Despite

Formula : In spite of / Despite + N / Pronoun (this, that, what, etc) / V + ing
Ex : In spite of the rain, i still play football on my backyard.

     3. However

Formula : Clause; however, clause (break clauses)
Ex : We were supposed to watch the film last night; however, it was cancelled because of the unsupported situation.

     4. Because of

Formula : We use because of for the short reason.
Ex : We didn't go to the school because of the disease.

   I think that's what i can explain and post today, i hope you can understand more about using conjunctions after you read this article. Thank you and enjoy reading.

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