Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Adverbial Clause of Condition

   Now, i'd like to post about how to use the adverbial clause of condition. I'm obsessed to post about English now :D. Actually what i know from this topic there are 3 types. But this time i just want to explain 2 types.

  • Type 1

Formula : If clause = Present ==> Main clause = Future
Ex : If i study hard, i will pass the exam.
      If she goes to school, she will know more about science.

  • Type 2

Formula : If clause = Past ==> Main clause = would + V1 / N
Ex : If i studied hard, i would pass the exam.
      If she went to school, she would know more about science.

   That's all. Hope it could be useful for us. Keep studying English.

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