Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

11.30 PM

   11.30 PM is time which i use to write this new post. Just wanna write this post because tomorrow we're Muslims will celebrate our Idul Adha day. And today i've did Arafat fasting which actually know nothing whether my fasting is accepted or not :( . Holding hunger n thirst won't be a problem for me, but the real challenge is how to control our emotions in order it can ease us avoiding sins that could grow rapidly and instantly without our awareness.

   I hope the other Muslims could pass this example case of difficulty in fasting :) Need around 20 minutes to think n write these words and form it into a paragraph. But i just like to share and exchanging ideas each other. Please share your own fasting story if you are hesitate to make progress or advancement for our fasting quality.

   Thank you for taking the your time to read this post, more read will make you easier to pour out your amazing ideas instead :) Happy reading

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